Why Bird Lovers Choose Finches As Pets

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Choosing a pet bird in a store is quite a daunting task. If you knew nothing about birds, you are more likely to get overwhelmed by the wide array of choices before you. But if you are looking for appearance, friendliness, and adaptability, you can never go wrong with finches as pets. They can be an amazing choice for beginners, but are also being picked out even by experts in the field. Read on and discover why finches make such great bird pets.

Finches have quite a long history. Because they are grown in many parts of the world, people have raised them for as long as one can remember. They have hundreds of years of domestication under their belt, proving that they are indeed a popular choice among people of different nationalities. Also, finches are very much at home with being captive in aviaries and cages. They do not throw fits and tantrums when kept in the cage for too long, unlike other birds that really long to go out in the wild.

When choosing finches as pets, it is preferable to go for birds that native to your country. You can never be too sure that foreign birds can adapt to the new weather and environment. Foreign birds are also more likely to catch diseases because they are not feeling at home with their new environment. Additionally, transport of other species may also be an illegal activity without proper documents.


Zebra finches are among the popular breeds of finches. They can be displayed at homes, classrooms, and other establishments. Many people love to get Zebra finches as pets because of their reputation of being sociable and friendly. They also have bright colors, and their trademark characteristic is their zebra stripes on the tail. They are cheaper than most birds and do not require heavy maintenance and care. In fact, you can entrust the care to your children as long as you have oriented them with how to feed and clean the cage regularly.

Society finches as pets are also a great choice. They are small and very attractive. They have nice, brown and white colors that blend well with the natural environment. It is believed that Society finches have never been let out in the wild but are instead bred in captivity many decades ago. Being captive is second nature to them. It can be quite difficult to determine the male from the female Society finch, so make sure that you consult an expert before purchasing.

Finches are delicate birds that thrive in moderate climate. It is important to keep the cage warm and well-lit during wintertime. Also equally important is making sure that the temperature is not too high because that can dehydration and a host of other symptoms. Making finches as pets are nice hobby to learn and you can visit them in the afternoons when you get home from the office. They are a sight to behold amidst the flowers and greens and can make your home life even more delightful.

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Why Bird Lovers Choose Finches As Pets