Cabinet Giant A Strong Emphasis On Kitchen And Bathroom Cabinetry

The demand for kitchen cabinetry in both new construction and remodeling fueled sales off.

“The kitchen is one of the new American status symbols, and cabinets set what will be the theme of the kitchen and sometimes the overall look of the home,” said Connie Edwards, director of design for American Woodmark Corp. and author of the book “Beautiful Built- ins: Plans for Designing with Stock Cabinets.”

Kitchens are one of the rooms in the house that we can’t avoid and will inevitably end up spending a lot of time in. For this reason when looking around a flat or house, many people will consider the kitchen to be one of the major selling points or detracting points; particularly if they usually cook. In some cases a pokey kitchen can be instrumental in influencing the decision to leave in the first place. For this reason a kitchen renovation can be one of the surest ways to increase your chances of selling and to increase your property’s value. If you’re going to be spending the time and money on a redesign however then you’ll want to make sure you make it back in the sale, so it’s highly important that you design the new layout well and make a positive impact on potential buyers.

The first thing to decide when planning a kitchen renovation is what the basic layout of the appliances and kitchen cabinets will look like. For this there are essentially four options: the L-shape, the U-shape, the corridor layout and the island layout. These names reflect the arrangement of the cabinets and are fairly self explanatory.

The other aspect of kitchen renovation is the appearance and color coordinating the flooring with the kitchen cabinets. This will be largely a matter of personal taste but there are again basic guidelines to follow. Opt for a color that is light to create space but that won’t show dirt. Sideboards and flooring with ‘specks’ are great for this. At the same time you need to choose flooring that won’t absorb too much spillage and granite, laminate or tiles are popular choices for this reason.

It is important to pick a kitchen design that suits your style. That way you can be sure that the kitchen cabinets, kitchen renovation will improve your lifestyle and the look of your home.

Cabinet Giant A Strong Emphasis On Kitchen And Bathroom Cabinetry