Five Facts About “The Hangover Iii”

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When “The Hangover” was released in 2009, it broke the unwritten Hollywood rule that R-rated comedies could not earn box office gold. Then the film became a surprise success, earning nearly half a billion dollars at the box office on just a $35 million budget. A sequel, “The Hangover II” was quickly greenlit, which surpassed the original to earn $581 million globally. With that kind of success, it is no surprise that a third film, “The Hangover III” is about to be released. Some details of the plot have been kept under wraps by Warner Bros., but there is some information available about the film.

It Is the Final Installment in the Series

Writer/director Todd Phillips has said that he envisioned a trilogy for the franchise, which means that “The Hangover Part III” will be the final film in the series. Of course George Lucas famously said that there would never be another Star Wars film, but then he promptly sold the rights to Disney, and now a seventh film in that franchise has been announced. Nevertheless, there is no indication that Phillips or any of the cast that includes Ed Helms (Stu), Bradley Cooper (Phil), and Zach Galifianakis (Alan) are going to go back on that promise to not make a fourth film.

There Is No Wedding or Bachelor Party


The first two films followed very similar formulas, with the location of the events being the only really big change. Both centered on bachelor parties that went awry because one of the Wolf Pack members was getting married. In “The Hangover,” groom Doug went missing during his Las Vegas bachelor party, only to be found just hours before the ceremony. In “The Hangover Part II,” Stu is getting married to a Thai beauty in Bangkok, but doesn’t want a bachelor party considering the events of the first film. Instead, the friends have a nice gathering on the beach as a makeshift bachelor party, which also goes terribly wrong. In “The Hangover Part III,” there is no wedding, though the boys are primed to return to Las Vegas for at least part of the film. Instead of a wedding or bachelor party, the film focuses on Alan and his childish ways and the tragedy that forces him to grow up, even if he is still a man-child of sorts.

Heather Graham Is Back

Helms, Cooper, and Galifianakis all signed deals or big bucks to reprise their roles in the hit franchise. However, some people overlooked the fact that Heather Graham, who played new mom Jade in the first movie, will be back as well. She was absent from the second film because her character had already divorced Stu after their drunken Vegas wedding. Since the second film centered on Stu’s wedding, it would have been inappropriate for Jade to be in attendance. Since “The Hangover Part III” is partially set back in Las Vegas, it only seems appropriate to bring back the hilarious stripper with a heart of gold.

The Same Crew Is Back

Sure, the same actors who make up the bulk of the cast of the first two installments are back, but so is the rest of the crew who made those movies such a big success. Phillips has once again taken the director’s chair for the movie, and he again co-wrote the film with writing partner Craig Mazin, who was previously known for penning “Identity Thief” and two of the films in the “Scary Movie” franchise. Also back is director of photography Lawrence Sher, who made Las Vegas and Bangkok look so good in the previous films. Costume designer Louise Mingenbach is also returning to make Alan look as silly as possible with his wardrobe. Finally, Debra Neil-Fisher will continue her role as editor of the film franchise.

There Will Be Fun Guest Cameos

In the first two films, there were some hilarious cameos from such luminaries as boxer Mike Tyson and thespian Paul Giamatti. This time around, one of the guest appearances will be from John Goodman, who is set to play a character named Marshall, who is said to be villainous much like Giamatti was in the second film. Not much else is known about the role, except that it will be a small but impactful part. Also on board is actress Melissa McCarthy, who has quickly become one of the reigning queens of comedy. She appears heavily in the Red Band trailer for the film as someone who might become something of a love interest for Alan, who had never really showed an interest in girls in the previous films.

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