Replacement Windows And Double Glazing In The Home

By Sarah Manners

Replacement Windows

Having replacement windows fitted can both improve the appearance of your home and have a major impact on

maintenance and environment of your home

. Replacement window companies have provided homeowners with solutions for a host of problems including home safety and heating costs. Installing replacement windows, especially when combined with double glazing self-cleaning glass, is one of the best investments you will ever make. Apart from offering home owners the opportunity to improve the resale value of their homes, replacement window companies offering simple solutions to age old problems.

Glass Specific Replacement Window Products

One of the most popular replacement window products on the market is self-cleaning glass. Basically the same as conventional glass except that it

uses nature to continually clean itself


The massive replacement windows product range includes products for every whim and function. You can replace your windows, build a glass conservatory or replace all purpose replacement window glass with any of the following benefits: Solar Control, Thermal Insulation, Fire Protection, Noise Control, Safety, Security, Self-cleaning, Decoration, Glass Systems and various other Special Applications.


Double Glazing Replacement Windows

When looking for replacement windows, double glazing may be the answer you are looking for. Double glazing windows and doors have two panes of glass instead of one and ultimately

decrease noise, moisture and pollution whilst trapping in the heat

. Double glazing replacement windows come in a variety of colours and styles and are available from a host of double glazing companies. For the do-it-yourself types purchase the glass from one of the double glazing companies in your area and install the windows and doors yourself. It really is a simple installation process.

The Benefits of Double Glazing

Double glazing your windows and doors can also help to

insulate sound

. Reducing external noises from the traffic as well as your neighbours son who has aspirations of playing the drums for a death metal band – double glazing will make your home a quieter and more peaceful environment to live in.

The air trapped between the two panes of glass used in double glazing acts as an insulator which effectively

prevents warm air from escaping and cold air coming in

. The inner pane does not come into contact with the cold air outside, so it stays warmer than the outside pane. Double glazing tends reduce heat loss through windows and doors by an estimated 10-12%, significantly impacting on your heating bills.

Double glazing products eradicate those terrible chilly winter drafts. The inside surface of the window or door is warmer; which reduces drafts and virtually

eradicates cold zones

near windows and doors. We live in a


conscious world and as double glazing on your windows and doors makes them difficult to break in to you will effectively be reducing the chances of criminals entering your home.

Double Glazing Considerations

A major concern amongst those looking to fit double glazing windows is the condensation that will take place between the two panes of glass. Fortunately the air space is fitted with a moisture absorbing chemical, which

eliminates condensation

inside the double glazing.

Be aware that replacement windows of this nature can change the appearance of your home considerably. Ensure that you

choose a style that matches your property

to complement and enhance its appearance. When looking at replacement windows, having double glazing on your doors and windows is definitely something you should consider. If you cant afford to do the whole house at once fit the double glazing on the rooms you use the most or the ones that are most costly to heat.

About the Author: Having been in the glass industry for 179 years, Pilkington is recognised as the world’s technological leader in glass. Out of all of their innovative products, Pilkington Activ – the world’s first self-cleaning glass (

) is one of their greatest products. What could be better than self-cleaning replacement window products for your home?


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Replacement Windows And Double Glazing In The Home