Solving Thinning Hair Problems With Wigs? In White Plains, Ny Women Have Found An Alternative Solution

byAlma Abell

Thinning hair is a problem for many men, but it can be devastating for women. The condition may be caused by heredity, health problems, or even as an after-affect of pregnancy or weight loss. For years women have worn wigs to hide this embarrassing problem. However, instead of turning to Wigs in White Plains, NY any sufferers have discovered alternative hair. This option, which is detailed online at, is becoming popular because of its benefits, which include:

A NATURAL APPEARANCE: Alternative Hair Solutions of Greenwich, CT. offers a system called Invisible Hair. It adds human hair to clients’ own. Stylists can even attach extensions to bald areas. Additions look completely natural, and appear to be growing from the wearer’s scalp. They add fullness, color, and length.

NO RESTRICTIONS ON ACTIVITIES: Unlike wigs and some hairpieces, Invisible Hair wearers can sleep, shower, and exercise as they normally would, without worrying about damaging their extensions. They are bonded to the scalp securely.

VERSATILITY: Hair pieces can replace an entire wig, or just add fullness to thinning spots. They can be colored and permed before being attached, and are available in gradient color blends. There are styles available in gray or silver, and extensions can be cut. Stylists are able to add partial hair pieces and tops, as well as crown additions. Customers may choose clip-on pieces, for special occasions. Hair can be brushed in any direction, and wearers may choose to part their hair in any area they want, or have no part.

SIMPLE APPLICATION: Clients who want an alternative to Wigs in White Plains, NY can visit Alternative Hair Solutions, and get a full head of hair in less than three hours. The Invisible Hair system does not require customers to shave their heads, and will not harm existing hair. Extensions look and feel like the client’s real hair, and are undetectable, since they are attached via a skin-like membrane. Additions can be worn for 5-8 weeks at a time.

Women whose hair is thinning or falling out due to illness, no longer have to rely on wigs to cover the problem. Alternative Hair Solutions now offers human hair extensions that look and feel like natural hair. Clients can cover specific areas or get an entire head of hair in just a few hours.

Solving Thinning Hair Problems With Wigs? In White Plains, Ny Women Have Found An Alternative Solution