Undelete Cell Phone Text Messages And Pics To Investigate Infidelity

By Ed Opperman

Did you know that you can take a cellular phone and send it off to a forensic lab and have the deleted text messages and deleted pics undeleted? Not only that but you can recover deleted caller ID, address book entries and other useful information.This can be incredibly damning evidence in domestic infidelity investigation. It can be used to disprove infidelity and prove faithfulness.

Case studies:

A woman’s boyfriend returns from a friends bachelor party. The woman’s intuition tells her something is not right about her mans behavior. She asks to see the pics on his cell phone. The boyfriend refuses and attempts to destroy the evidence by smashing the screen on the phone. After some discussion the couple agree to send the phone out to recover the data and an examination reveals pictures of the man having sex with a prostitute.

Case 2:


A husband and wife get into an argument. The wife hits the husband across the face several times leaving hand marks. The husband documents the evidence with his cell phone camera. After the couple cool off the husband deletes the evidence only to have the wife call the police and get him arrested. The husband was able to have the phone examined and the deleted pics recovered with time and date stamp and prove he was the victim of the crime not the attacker.

Case 3:

A wife is caught having an affair with a coworker. When confronted with the affair she promises to break it off. The husband suspects the wife has not stopped seeing the other man. The couple agree to send out the phone for a forensic examination to determine the last time the wife communicated with the boyfriend and the recovered deleted text messages prove the affair did end and the wife had not only ended the affair but even sent a text message to the ex boyfriend with the threat of a restraining order should he ever contact her again.

As you can see from the case studies above, cellular forensics can uncover infidelity, vindicate those wrongly arrested or prove fidelity in a relationship. Digital evidence cannot lie and it’s very difficult for an amateur to falsify.

If you have a situation and you believe that hand held digital forensics can help you need to contact an expert. Don’t waste time and money on cheap do it yourself kits that might destroy the evidence you are attempting to recover. Before you purchase a forensic examination of a digital device like a cell phone or Blackberry be sure to do an Internet search on the investigators name to see if they are considered an expert or authority in this type of investigation. Also do a search on the web site name and company name to see if their are any Internet postings from former clients who are either satisfied or not.

Last check out the pricing and turn around times for the results. Are they competitive? Beware of companies that are too cheap over the counter software that “does it all” for every brand pf device under the sun. These do it yourself products can actually over write the very data you are trying to recover. If it looks too good to be true it usually is.

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Undelete Cell Phone Text Messages And Pics To Investigate Infidelity