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You might decide to replace your front door for a number of reasons. These might include practical reasons, such as improving your home security, but they might also be to change the look of your house so that it better reflects your tastes and personality. As it is now so easy to make sure you get the best security measures within your door, we are going to consider the aesthetic properties of the door instead.

Gone are the days when your options were limited to a white UPVC door with varying sizes of frosted glass windows or a wooden door you could varnish or paint in order to add a bit of personality. Now you can pick from a range of colours and materials for your front door, but you can also choose from a wide range of designs for double glazed doors!

If youre going to be staying in a house for a number of years youre going to want to put your own stamp on it, and what better way of doing that than making your front door a bit different! Your first decision will obviously concern the material and the colour of your door, but what next?


Choose Your Pattern of Door Glass

There are a lot of options for you to choose from that start with a basic rectangle and go through to artistic split circles, or rows of diamonds. You might already have a door glass design in mind and be looking for a specific shape of glass door panel to fit in with that, or you may be looking for inspiration and in that case it is easier to start with the decision of which shape of door glass panel you want and then add your glass type and design in later. So have a think about which design best represents you, a small and delicate diamond, or large and bold combinations of squares and arches.

Options for Your Door Glass Design

There are a wide range of door glass designs to choose from for your front door ranging from crystal tulips to coloured fleur designs. Some of the designs have a very traditional lead window look to them, while others offer you an ultra-modern, sleek contemporary feel. You can further modify the designs to suit your own personal style and taste by changing the backing glass that is used. You can opt for anything from totally clear to the already ornamental Autumn or Everglade glasses.

How to Customise Your Doo

The process couldnt be easier and designing your new front door can be done in the space of a few simple clicks. First select the door style you want from the range. Once youve done that you only have three more decisions to make and three clicks to select the colour of your front door, the door glass design and finally the backing glass. Costs are clear, but one more click generates you an instant quote for your completed door.

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Choosing A Glass Design For Your Door. . . . . . . .}